(novice) Strange misbehavior of Kernel::get_ms_count()

Kernel::get_ms_count() seems to be off by a factor of ten in my program: it’s effectively counting tens of milliseconds, not milliseconds. My application is fairly low-precision, so I was able to just multiply all call results by ten, but I’d like to know what’s going on here. It’s seems like such a big malfunction that it’s more likely that there’s something I’m not understanding.

I do see that Kernel::get_ms_count() is depreciated. I’ll happily switch it out for something else, if someone can point me towards an easy-to-use function that actually returns a number of milliseconds, not a ‘human readable’ time structure.

Are you by any chance using an LPC1768 board?

In fact I am!

Ah I’ve run into this too. For some crazy reason, you need to update the firmware on your LPC1768 board, or kernel timing (ticks and sleeping) doesn’t work properly.

Huh. Well, I’m glad I asked. Thanks.