NUCLEO-L011K4 - Blink LED

Hello, I try to compile very simple program Blinky for NUCLEO-L011K4 but the compilation is not finished because alarm “Error: No space in execution regions with .ANY selector matching fputc_fp.o(.text).” appears. What does that alarm mean ? How to fix it ?

Hi Peter,

Could you provide the Mbed OS version, compiler version, Mbed CLI version you are using, thanks.


Hi Desmond,

I am using online compiler and Mbed rev. 172:65be278, release mbed library 165.


Hi, I found out that if I use older mbed version then everything is ok but i am suprised that blink code has 13kb. I would like to add UART support but it is not possible because that MCU has flash only 16kb.