NUCLEO-L011K4: Has anyone ever brought it to life?


I am trying to program a NUCLEO-L011K4 and I’m starting to losing it.
The online compiler didn’t work, because the library itself took too much space.
Downloading the updated mbed-dev didn’t work, because the repository is not responding.
mbed studio didn’t work, because of a toolchain issue.

So I wonder if anyone ever brought it to life or if I should just toss it in the bin.

Best regards,

That’s a good one Peter,
The Mbed dev files are just too big for the online compiler now.
It is possible to load then up in chunks and then copy to new projects again in chunks.
I’ve managed to get to revision 188 and it works okay for the earlier, smaller targets.
Tbh you need to use the latest Mbed 2 libraries (rev 172 is the latest and last).
However you’ve only got 16k flash and 2 k RAM.
I use the LPC812 with 16k Flash, can only use mbed rev.85 (from June 2014) otherwise there is no program space after the start up code.

Don’t toss it in the bin just yet, download and use Keil. Its free up to 32k flash so no worries here.
See if you can export a L0114L4 blinky program for keil to get the Mbed libraries.
I have done this for the Freescale(NXP) KL05z platform and works fine.

If you want a similar footprint platform try this:
It works well on Mbed 2 and OS5 online and Studio.