Offline Simulator OS 5 / Mbed Studio Simulator OS 5

I am currently using Mbed Studio 1.4.5 to run an OS 5 project on an STM32F767ZI Nucleo board.

I would like to be able to run it without having to connect it to the board, i.e. simulation.

I found the following link for running Mbed Simulator, but everything seems to be for OS 6.

There is not a lot of info related to simulating with OS 5. The afore mentioned link gives the following info simulating an OS 5 project, but some of the requirements are not available.

You can also run the simulator offline on any Mbed OS 5 project. This allows you to integrate the simulator into your development workflow.

To use the simulator offline, make sure you have:

1. Mbed CLI.
2. Git - make sure git is in your PATH.
3. Mercurial - make sure hg is in your PATH.
4. The Emscripten SDK.
5. Node.js 8 or higher.

Then open a terminal window, navigate to an Mbed OS 5 project and run:

# installs the simulator $ npm install mbed-simulator -g # run the current project $ mbed-simulator .

This cross-compiles the current application and opens a browser running the application.

Can anyone help with this? Idealy I would like to run Mbed studio without having to connect to a board.

NOTE: When actually running the program on the board (non-debug bode), we interface to the board using PuTTY through an ethernet connection to the board. We enter 3-letter commands in PuTTY, which our firmware then interprets, and executes.

The issue (bug) that I am working on does not require hardware, which is why I am wanting to simulate.

Hi, the simulator is Mbed OS 5 based (it is actually pinned to a forked version of Mbed OS 5, apologies, I can’t recall the exact version).

We don’t host it anymore, but you could try to run it locally: GitHub - ARMmbed/mbed-simulator: Experimental simulator for Mbed OS 5 applications