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Online Compiler will not export LPC1768 program to MCUXPresso

I am just starting out with MCUXpresso having been working with STM32CubeMX from ST for some time. I have several working programs for the LPC1768 and others and am attempting to export to MCUXpresso. All I get with any of the programs is “Failed to Export”. No explanation just “Press Esc to close”. I am working on Windows 10 but since this is purely an online situation I fail to see how the problem can be my end.

Any help in fixing this issue would be appreciated.

I have the same problem with exporting from the online compiler. I tried many of the export toolchain options listed with no success. I get the same message “Failed to export.” I am running Win10 on Chrome browser. I have some of my own old Mbed projects (2012-2013) on the online compiler and experience no problems exporting to various toolchains including no problem creating a ZIP archive.