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Why will the Online Compiler not export LPC1768 program to MCUXPresso

Why will the online Compiler NOT allow export to MCUXpresso.

There has been NO comment from mbed on this issue. Both the compiler and mcuxpresso are mbed products. In my view mbed is loosing credibility. Support for earlier products like the LPC1768 has almost disappeared even though it is still available. You are forcing developers into using the mbed OS even though in some cases it is total overkill and completely unsuitable for smaller devices. I am investigating MCUXpresso as a platform for developing LPCxxxx based products but because of the (lets be frank) bugs in the systems and lack of support I am now seriously looking at moving over to ST and the STM32CubeIDE.

You have one chance left mbed, fix it or I’m outa here.

For more than 1 year, I pointed out some serious bugs in the export for Nucleo-boards …
They don’t care. The same bugs I can reproduce again and again. Not just that, there are more bugs.
Seems some people in MBED uses Linux so they think that other also do.
As an example … look at this code in the Makefile

INCLUDE_PATHS += -I…//usr/src/mbed-sdk

It is for sure from a linux OS.
Look at another bug in the makefile … It is there for along along time

ASM_FLAGS += /filer/workspace_data/exports/0/0b56195140e36b1c83f4483fb903ae8c/MyProject/mbed_config.h

They just don’t care …

Update in the mbed OS make your previous code unusable. Rather than developing your code further you have to go back and fix the deprecated API.
MBED stduio : You have no control over the generation of the code. You cannot either import form online IDE directly you have to exported to zip …etc
All parts are like some small Lego bits that you need to find a way (hours of work) to put together … next update of the OS … the snake eat you up and you have to start again from square 1.

FWIW, mbed-cmake can provide a viable alternative to Mbed’s IDE export functionality. While it doesn’t work with MCUExpresso or STM32CubeIDE, it does generate CMake project files that can be loaded and used by a number of different editors and IDEs, such as VS Code, CLion, and Eclipse CDT. These editors should provide at least as good of an experience as the manufacturers’ IDEs.

Also, mbed-cmake lets you keep the Mbed OS version fixed unless you explicitly decide to upgrade, and it also supports Mbed 5 and Mbed 2. So, you shouldn’t have issues with things being changed/broken in newer OS versions.

I tried even cmake version of the export … It didn’t work for me.
I will try it again maybe today.

The mbed-cmake that I linked is a community project, it’s totally different from the cmake exporter.