IoT Cloud service for FRDM-K64F


I am developing an IoT project with 100 FRDM-K64F boards that are sending XYZ accelerometer data real-time for seismic research. At present we have been sending the data to Google Cloud webservice using JSON.

The question is: should we be considering another cloud solution ? the Azure compatibility with our board looks exciting, and I see that Mbed has its own device server that presumably can be hosted in the cloud also.

We need to send data constantly so not sure any IoT service will do: 26 readings from each sensor every 500ms, which is around 20kbs. We are buffering in the FIFO right now and sending via TCP.


Hi Andres,

Your project seems interesting. 26 readings from each sensor for every 500ms?
So, 20kbs for each sensor? How many sensor do you have?
Yes, I expecting the Azure IoT suite for Mbed.


Hi. I am trying to do a similar concept by sending my data from frdm k64f to google cloud. Is it possible to attach the project file or mbed code which you done for 64F?

Would be helpful.