Peripheral compatibility issues

I’m new to arm development (moving from atmel devices) and was looking to use a variety of peripheral devices from arduino kits to program some nucleo 32 and 64 boards with the latest mbed os 6.15. The problem I have run into is that every library I have found so far links to a 5 or so year old version made to work on os 5. Libraries for sonic rangefinders, 2x16 LCD displays, DHT11 sensors…etc all seem to have the same issue of changes related to sleep and delay functions. The libraries seem to make use of the older wait functions in a floating point format for the delay values.

Am I just blind and somehow missing some obvious method for finding versions compatible with os 6? Or is the use of os5 just still much more common than os6 for some reason?


very short answer - weak community, people are usually consumers and not contributors. There is not so strong community like Arduino has and beause libraries are usually done by community…

BR, Jan