Debugging Issues on MAX32630FTHR with MBED-OS 5

Hello MBED community,

I am facing an issue while trying to debug code for the BLE functionality on the MAX32630FTHR board. The code was originally developed for MBED-OS 5, and it works fine when flashed onto the board. However, I am unable to debug it to expand the project.

Since the BLE library for MAX32630FTHR is deprecated for MBED-OS 6, I need to continue development using MBED-OS 5. I am using the Mbed Studio IDE version 1.4.5, which allows me to develop and debug code for MBED-OS 6 without any issues on the MAX32630FTHR target. However, when I try to develop and debug code in MBED-OS 5, I encounter difficulties.

Even a simple MBED-OS 5 blinky example compiles successfully but does not allow me to debug it. Additionally, the code I am working on is in a version of MBED-OS 5 that still has Mbed support, so that should not be the problem.

Considering a potential issue with the MAX32625PICO bootloader (debugger), I have tried using different .bin files from previous versions, but the problem persists.

I am quite lost and unsure about the next steps. If anyone has insights into why this might be happening or suggestions for troubleshooting, I would greatly appreciate your assistance!

Thank you!