Possible bug in Mbed studio 1.2.1

Hi there,

Last week i was using Mbed Studio V1.2.0 without any issues (have always upgraded it ever since i installed V0.8).

Today i reinstalled everything from scratch including Win10. As soon as the OS was working i dowloaded&installed Mbed Studio V1.2.1 but since then the code linting seems to be broken:
It recognizes that i am about to type DigitalOut, while it does not recognize that i am about to type InterruptIn for example. Also i can not jump to code definitions by pressing F12.

Also noticed that the blue circles just in front of the project name do not stop animating, so i guess some process in the background can not finish.

With V1.2.0 i did not have this issue for sure (however i just upgraded to that version and did not clean install that), but as on the website we can download only the very latest version, i can not revert back to V1.2.0. Even with google could not find and downlaod the installer of Mbed Studio V1.2.0.

It seems i could fix the issue. On windows Mbed also intalls python V3.7.1 under the directory C:\ProgramData\Mbed Studio\mbed-studio-tools\python but it does not add this path to the environment variables. After doing so manually and restarting Windows, the issue seems to be fixed as the blue circles stop animating after some seconds and also code linting works again as expected.

Just tried yet another thing: removed the directory C:\ProgramData\Mbed Studio\mbed-studio-tools\python from the environment variables of Windows. Then downloaded&installed python V3.7.1 from their official website. Upon installation I checked the box to add the path to windows. After restarting the machine i can call python -V from any directory which confirms the path has been properly added to windows. However if i start Mbed Studio V1.2.1 i face the issue again.
So to sum it up on Mbed Studio does not offer you a checkbox during installation to add python’s path to the environment variables of the OS, while Mbed Studio seems to be very picky where python gets installed.

IMHO during installation Mbed Studio should check if one has already installed any python version Mbed Studio can work with. It should install python only then if it is not already installed on the system and in this case Mbed Studio’s installer should also add python’s to the environmental variables of windows.

Hi @projectX_V,

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with Mbed Studio.

Some information:

  • You’re correct that the spinning blue circles indicate that the intellisense/linting database is being generated for the program. If this fails to complete, intellisense will not work.
  • The python tools are used to generate the intellisense database, so a broken python bundle could cause this issue.
  • The python tools bundle shipped with Studio is designed to be standalone and independent of your system. It has all the tools that Studio needs pre-installed, and no additional environment variables need to be set.

Things to try:

  • Remove the extra environment variables you have added, and try a fresh install of Studio 1.2.1.
  • Are there any other python-related environment variables on the system? It’s possible there could be a bug with the python bundle isolation.
  • If this doesn’t work, send your logs to studio@mbed.com using the built-in feedback mechanism.


Matthew Gordon
Mbed Studio team

Thanks Matthew, but i figured out how to circumvent the issue. I do think it should be handled somehow during the installation process in future releases as the current default behaviour just leads to the described issue on Win10. I bet most users just will not find out the solution on their own.