Custom Tragets mbed 6.0.0

Custom targets don’t work/ doesn’t show up with the mbed-os 6.0.0.

Anyone else come across this or have any ideas?


Hello Rafaella,

They work for me on Mbed Studio 1.0.0. You can try for example this:

  • Make sure no mbed device (DAP Link, ST-Link) is connected to your PC.
  • In the menu select File > Import a program ...
  • Copy & Paste to the URL edit box.
  • Try to update the mbed-os.lib to the latest revision 6.0.0 (Bottom-right - Libraries tab).
  • Open the Target drop down menu and type bluepill to the edit box.
    Consequently, BLUEPILL should be listed in the MCUs and custom targes.
  • Click on the BLUEPILL item to select it as Target.

For more info you can visit Bluepill board support for Mbed OS 6.

Best regards, Zoltan