Program build is stuck in copilot+pc arm64 architecture platform

I tried to run basic mbed-os-example-blinky program to run and upload to F401RE. But it is generating lot of warning messages. It is stuck in 66%. I tried more than 3 times. It is my new co-piolet+PC. Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Edge is the model. Every time same result. Is this a bug? Is there an arm64 mbed software rolling out?

The same hardware is smoothly running on a x64 PC. I am able to upload and run the program succesfully.


this seems like you do not have problem with code or hardware but with build tool Mbed Studio or Keil Studio Cloud i suppose.

BR, Jan

Yes, it’s the mbed studio. Because I am running it on copilot+pc. New Microsoft windows arm64 architecture based computer.

The embed studio is actually for running in x64 platform. But in my computer (platform) it is running through an emulation, PRISM. That might be causing the problem.

@federicobozzini can you look on this?

BR, Jan