Program from scratch using mbed cli, cpp or c

Hello all,
please, i am new to mbed cli, i just tested to import a project from git and compile, i would like to know how i can develop a program from scratch, besides i am not sure to develop my project with C or C ++ using mbed cli, any orientations!
thanks in advance.

For a quick start I would like to recommend the Mbed Online Compiler, this allows to get used to it. When the projects gets larger and debugging is required I recommend using the GCC offline tools, later when Mbed Studio gets final this would be an option.
Of course C++ is the language of choice, however regular C will work as well.
Depending on your project requirements a development board like the STM Nucleo boards would be great because they include a Virtual COM and Debugger interface.

thank you, yes i have the STM Nucleo, could you please explain why Cpp is better.

mbed new command creates a new application.

After creating an app, you want to set toolchain and target. I think you already know how to do that.

I automate app creation with a script.

You have to choose what you can do best, C or C++

C++ has in general the huge advantage that you can encapsulate program logic and its variables/data into a classes which are more maintainable and can be easily re-used. Also the C++ libraries are way more complete compared to the standard C runtime libraries.

However if you have no programming experience maybe C is an easier start for you.