Question about the #include "core/net.h" in the HTTPClient,h in the HTTPClient library in mbed

I’m trying to work on a little project with a micro bit using C code in mbed to talk to ThingSpeak. I saw there a function someone created for communication with ThingSpeak but then that needed an HTTPClient.h which I got from the mbed library. Then later on that needs a file called #include “core/net.h”. Does anyone know with this h file is or had anyone ever used the ThingSpeak created by [ Reza Mashayekhi]?

Hi Kevin,

I’m not sure for certain but it may come from an older version of Mbed OS. I also see a core/net.h file in this repository: NetServicesSource - Experimental HTTPClient with proxy support | Mbed

Not sure that it helps you but I also see a similar question here: Has anyone succeeded in making a Wifly HTTP server? - Question | Mbed

Arek - Studio team