What the #include "core/net.h" in the HTTPClient.h in the HTTPClient library in mbed

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I’m trying to work on a little project with a micro bit using C code in mbed to talk to ThingSpeak. I saw there a function someone created for communication with ThingSpeak but then that needed an HTTPClient.h which I got from the mbed library. Then it needed a .h called #include “core/net.h”. Does anyone know with this h file is or had anyone ever used the ThingSpeak.c or ThingSpeak.h created by [ Reza Mashayekhi]?

This is the HTTPClient.h asking for the #include “core/net.h”

This is the ThingSpeak.H with the HTTPClient.h


creating more than one topic for same problem will usually not help you to solve it.

You probably mixing libraries together or something similar. I see in your tree this - HTTPclient->LPC1768…
The "core/net.h" probably come from here and probably it will be only for LPC targets and it will be unsusable for microbit.

Probably you need this one

Edit: HTTPClient - mbed HTTP client | Mbed

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Thank you for the insight didn’t know that it wasn’t going to work with micro: bit and I’m sorry for the multiple posts.