Recent problem compiling assembly language

I’ve been using the MBED online compiler for some time to compile (assemble) some small projects written entirely in ARM assembly language. In the past this worked fine. I believe my last working build was in about September 2019.

Trying to use this over the last few days has however been unsuccessful, with attempts to compile any of my assembly language projects now generating an error. Taking a simple one file example, using the source file called “test.s”, I get the error:

Error: Fatal error: A1023E: File “…/…/build/test.K64F.E” could not be opened: No such file or directory
1 Error, 0 Warnings

Any idea what may be wrong ?


Hello Gerald,

I think you now need to change the extension from “test.s” to “test.S” then it may compile OK. It did for my project.

Best wishes,