rtc does not advance on NUCLEO-G0B1RE

I’m using NUCLEO-G0B1RE via the STM32CubeIDE IDE, I set up the wizard setting NUCLEO-G0B1RE as the tab. I’ve enabled RTC, verified I’m using LSE oscillator. I powered up the VBAT successfully, but after the main power disappears and returns, I find the date old, like the clock is not advancing, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Andrea


it seems your way is right, but do you check RTC initialization code? The time can be restarted durring RTC initialization, then you will never see the time is running with power down, I think.

BR, Jan

But if it was restarted I would not find the last valid date before the power-off…
The effect is as if the oscillator doesn’t work.
As initialization code I’m using the one generated by the STM32CubeIDE wizard, I assume it’s correct.

Thanks, Andrea