Saving Microbit blocks

This is ridiculous!

I was helping a kid today with his Microbit project at the Altona North CoderDojo.

And there does not seem to be any obvious way to save a project (as in the blocks rather than a hex file) as you can with Scratch and MIT App Inventor.

The doco says the website saves the project in the web browser!

But where? What windows folder?

We want to be able to save the kids blocks to his USB drive so he does not have to re-create all his blocks every Saturday morning.

And you need the ability to import the blocks from one project into another so, again, you don’t have to constantly re-invent the wheel!

Hi Greg, I think you filed this in the wrong place. These are the Mbed forums, not the micro:bit ones.

Point me in the right direction then?

I’m not sure if they have a forum, but would be a start. The Mbed website is not related to micro:bit.