SDO ethercat SOEM/SOES

I’m implementing SDO communication using SOEM and SOES libraries but I’m having some problems, could someone help me? To go into detail I’m using a Pc with Ubuntu as Ethercat master and an ethercat slave which uses a LAN9252. The slave is connected to a pc with window 10 which is used to load the SOES program and once the software has been loaded, it remains connected in debug mode for checking the variables. I have a problem with the SDO communication. When i run, on my master, the slaveinfo.c program (this program is contained in the SOEM library) from command window with the optional parameter -sdo i obtain the following results:

SOEM (Simple Open EtherCAT Master)
Starting slaveinfo
ec_init on enp2s0 succeeded.
1 slaves found and configured.
Calculated workcounter 3

Name: SSC_Device
Output size: 1024bits
Input size: 1024bits
State: 4
Delay: 0[ns]
Has DC: 1
Configured address: 1001
Man: 00000afc ID: 00010000 Rev: 00000001
SM0 A:1000 L: 128 F:00010026 Type:1
SM1 A:1200 L: 128 F:00010022 Type:2
SM2 A:1400 L: 128 F:00010064 Type:3
SM3 A:1600 L: 128 F:00010020 Type:4
FMMU0 Ls:00000000 Ll: 128 Lsb:0 Leb:7 Ps:1400 Psb:0 Ty:02 Act:01
FMMU1 Ls:00000080 Ll: 128 Lsb:0 Leb:7 Ps:1600 Psb:0 Ty:01 Act:01
FMMUfunc 0:1 1:2 2:0 3:0
MBX length wr: 128 rd: 128 MBX protocols : 04
CoE details: 0d FoE details: 00 EoE details: 00 SoE details: 00
Ebus current: 0[mA]
only LRD/LWR:0
ec_slave[cnt].mbx_proto: 04
printSDO: 1
End slaveinfo, close socket
End program

The problem is that i don’t see the PDO mapping in according to CoE. I checked the exchange of packages between master and slave, i saw that the master send a request and my slave receive it , then the slave send the response request but the master doesn’t receive it . From the slave debugger I checked the SM_status (Sync manager status SM1 0x080d) that is the register that indicate if the mailmox is full and if the master can read and i saw that this register doesn’t change value. Someone know what is the problem? the eeprom memory need to have a particular structure to allow a correct SDO comunication? Or maybe is only a slave software problem?