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Search Criteria don't work in Import Wizard!

When search with simple criteria like “Nucleo” Import Wizard doesn’t provide any answers !

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Same problem here! Cannot search for any mbed programs or libraries, but blank search returns ALL (500+ pages!!)

Anyone else see this?

Hi @pierreprovent, @AC9086,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We can reproduce it. We are investigating it.


Exactly the same pb
any workaround would be appreciate !

Thanks for reporting this issue, I can confirm that the search inside the Online IDE is working again. In future I’d recommend using the search on, as it includes our newer examples hosted on GitHub:
From the result pages you can import these examples to the Online IDE.

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I agree with your proposal, but sometimes we need to search for examples made by some contributors whose names we know and it is not possible to do it otherwise than in the Import Wizard.