Improving code search on the mbed website - a suggestion

How is it that the search algorithm (for relevance) used on the mbed website still gives highest priority to mbed OS 2 content. This is particularly common when searching for code examples and libraries.

I find this rather frustrating as the content is seldom suitable for the latest mbed OS 6.x.

Surely this can be fixed. For example, by adding in a filter as follows:

Hi @gerriko. You’re right. That’s not a good experience and I like your suggestion. There are still a lot of Mbed 2 users out there so we do want to make sure that these examples are available but the relevance puts a lot of weight on usage (downloads, forks etc) so inevitably the older examples tend to rise to the top. We’ll review this internally and have a think about what we can do to either apply a filter as you suggest or downweight to Mbed 2 examples so that newer OS5/6 examples appear higher up.

Thanks again for the feedback.

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Hi @gerriko. We’ve made tweak to the search interface based on your feedback. Mbed 2 results are excluded by default and can be included by checking a box.


That’s excellent news. Thanks for the update.