Selling Device which get Program from MbedOS/Mbed studio

I would like to know can we sell device which have been programmed with Mbed OS or Mbed studio.
also can we have their CE certificates and other electronics certificates.
If yes
-What are the condition to sell the product
-Do we have to open our code to public
-Do we have to mention something like ‘Power by Mbedos’ or ‘Open source’ on the packing of the product.

Thank you
Ayush Khandelwal

Hi Ayush,

Mbed OS is distributed with a permissive Apache 2.0 license, allowing you to freely use the source code for commercial projects. Mbed OS is used in many thousands of products like this. Your own source code can be maintained under a different license and there’s no requirement to open it to the public.

There’s more detail here:

There is no requirement to use any wording as you mentioned.

CE marking relates to the physical product, so it’s something you need to investigate separately.