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Sending 64bits of data using LoRaWAN

Hello everyone,

I am working on a project that extracts the firmware data from the flash memory and forwards the same to the gateway server. Each byte read from an address location are appended with 7 other data from other address spaces to make a final 8 bytes data. It is this 8 bytes of data, that is being pushed to the server. The current functions defined in the LoraAPI examples are capable of sending only 1 byte at a time. Are there any other available functions that can send 8 bytes at a time? If not, how can I implement it? I do not want to use the current function as it delays the required processes by a lot. Kindly help.

where do you get the notion of just one byte can be sent. I look at the example mbed-os-example-lorawan/main.cpp at development · ARMmbed/mbed-os-example-lorawan · GitHub
I see it sending the text “Dummy Sensor Value is %d” in uplink, which is more than 8 bytes.

Keep in mind that as the LoRaWAN datarate is lower, the maximum payload size decreases. For example DR0 in USA only allows 11 bytes, but increases alot with faster datarate,