Setting up mbed studio to use the GCC_ARM toolchain

I changed the tool chain to GCC_ARM by referring to the URL below, but now mbed studio won’t start.
Switching to GCC - Installing | Mbed Studio Documentation
I don’t know the cause, so could you please tell me how to analyze it?

The reason I changed the tool chain is because I want to use the OpenCV library at the URL below.
OpenCV - GR-MANGO - がじぇっとるねさすコミュニティ - Renesas Community


but now mbed studio won’t start.

I had same problem if the directory separator symbols are \ (back slash) rather than / (slash). In that case…

  • Delete Mbed Studio process from the task manager
  • Change directory separator symbols in the external-tools.json and save the file
  • Restart the Mbed Studio

Thank you for your advice.
The cause was a difference between slashes and backslashes.
I can now successfully use the GCC_ARM toolchain with mbed studio.
The build also passed with mbed studio.
Thank you very much.