Could not find executable for GCC_ARM


I installed ARM GCC from here:

Changed the toolset per here:

I can open a ‘gcc command prompt’ and running ’ arm-none-eabi-gcc’ works from that prompt.

Now when I build in the Studio I get this error:

Could not find executable for GCC_ARM.
Currently set search path: No path set

I did set the appropriate path (in unix format) for the install path. Only the release name was different.

Any ideas what path is not set?

Hi David,

Would you mind answering few questions? It will help us investigate this issue.

  1. What platform are you on? Is it a Windows, Mac or Linux?
  2. Are you using Mbed Studio 1.0.0?
  3. Can you share a path you put in external-tools.json? It needs to point at bin folder inside downloaded GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain.

Arek - Mbed Studio team

Please see above.

Ok, so I thought answer was… set an OS environment variable.

C:/Program Files (x86)/GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain/9 2020-q2-update/bin
(or appropriate version)

If I paste the build command into a CMD prompt, it builds with this but the UI doesn’t :frowning: