Several bugs in the Makefile (Online IDE export as makefile)

There are still several bugs (new and old) in the exported project from the online IDE.
see the lines I get :
I use Eclipse and Windows . So this line is not valid

INCLUDE_PATHS += -I…//usr/src/mbed-sdk

  1. This line is not valid either … This problem is mentioned in the forum before … no one fixed that.


Please consider fixing that.
The project is exported as make_gcc_arm_nucleo_f207zg

Mbed OS is moving to a CMake based build system.

If you’d like to compile code from the command line, I would suggest taking a look at the documentation here:

Really this is not the answer of my question.
If the export is not functioning, consider removing it from the online IDE … or please fix it.
It is not professional to allow exporting wrong code from the IDE … and User needs ohurs of work to figure out how to fix it.

Which IDE are you talking about? The online compiler or Mbed Studio? If it is the former then it is unlikely to be looked at as the focus is on the replacement, Mbed Studio…

Hi, I think I mentioned in the first post that I talk about the online compiler (ide).