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Sharing our latest project

Hey all! Just wanted to post a bit about Rocket Propulsion Lab’s latest Mbed OS project that we’ve been putting together for the past year and a half: the Lightspeed Rangefinder.

This system uses radio rangefinding to determine the positions of rockets, even under conditions that would make GPSs and altimeters fail to produce data. We just finished the first round of qualification tests on it, with promising results, and expect to have a full working system soon.

Check my writeup for details:

We built the whole system using Mbed OS components, and it’s why we’ve been developing our CC1200 driver so actively. Not all of our source code was made public, but the drivers and test code are linked in the writeup. In the future we may also release some more of the driver code, including a totally rewritten U-Blox GPS driver and an updated ST7036 LCD driver (we were having trouble with Mbed TextLCD).