Should Mbed Studio work with microbit?

As the online compile seemed to be down I installed mbed studio but it doesn’t seem to have a suitable library to compile for the microbit, which we are using. When I try to compile I get the message . . . NRF51_MICROBIT: Target NRF51_MICROBIT is not supported by toolchain ARMC6. If I try targetting the listed NRF51_MICROBIT_B I get the message Could not compile for NRF51_MICROBIT_B: Target does not support mbed OS 5

Hi Rjab,

Apologies for not answering in a timely manner. Mbed Studio on desktop is designed at the moment only to work with Mbed OS 5 and 6. Micro:bit supports only Mbed OS 2.
You can however try to use bare metal profile with Micro:bit. You can find more information about it here:

Arek - Mbed Studio team

I too was wondering about that. Surely you can add in a filter within the IDE to only show the compatible target boards that work with MBED OS 5 or 6 and not the rest. As suggestion, maybe split “Compatible Targets” into 2 categories etc. Or, at the very least have a warning when a target is selected that is not compatible with MBED OS 5 or 6. At the moment the IDE happily lets you select the board and then throws a wobbly because of the selection.

Hi Gerriko,

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, we thought about it in version 1.0.0. We added an i icon and after hovering more information is displayed. For example for micro:bit there is information than only Mbed OS 2 is supported. We will think about adding a filter.
We do not want to simply remove those targets because:

Ah. Something I did not spot. Yes, that works.

But I see that the “i” icon only comes up in the subset titled “Other Targets”.

Why not have the “i” icon for all boards as this is actually quite a handy reference check.

I also noticed that the hover option works over target section titles too.

Although, it appears that the hover message assumes you have an example loaded in your code repository.

For example, I deleted all my “blinky” code projects, so I have no code in my repository and yet the hover message over the title “Compatible Targets” still says “targets compatible with the active program”.

So this message is incorrect and now I have a load of boards in “Compatible Targets” such as BBC microbit.

In this case there is no “i” icon to tell me which mbed os is relevant to which board etc. I can now select the microbit as my target board. Now, if I do select it, a Dialog box pops up giving me the option to “Import Mbed Program to Workspace”.

As a MBED Studio novice you are left completely perplexed as to what’s going on and why I cannot select the little blinky example.

Ok, it appears MBED Studio gives options that leads to different behaviour.

I had closed MBED Studio with no code repositories saved (as per my previous reply) and I have just launched again.

As per screenshot, I can select the BBC microbit. It gives me no indication as to what OS version works with this selection.

I, for whatever reason, gravitated towards the “Start your next IoT project” title and clicked the “+new program” button (maybe this button should be greyed out / diabled and only the “import program” option is highlighted/enabled in this case).

This then (incorrectly) allows me to select any MBED OS example.

One would certainly not think to then check the “i” icon in this case…