Target does not support mbed OS 5


I was using Mbed compiler for stm32f103c8t6, it works perfect and I was able to compile code without any issues. Today, I tried to compile for a different micro controller (stm32f042k6t6). I added this controller to my compiler, but when I compile I was getting an error says that “target does not support mbed OS 5”

Does anyone had this issue before?


the problem will be probably caused by the not enough memory of that MCU (F042k6).

  • 32 KB Flash
  • 6 KB SRAM

Complete MbedOS 5 is too big, for such a small space.
So you need to set the Bare metal profile, that will cut out the RTOS functionality = lower memory usage.

BR, Jan

I also have an other micro controller stm32f042C6T6, but the board is not available in the Mbed Compiler. Is there a way I can program this chip using mbed compiler?

I do not know what is difference between C and K but at first look it seems be same.

So theoretically you can use same target for both and you will see.

BR, Jan

Note for culture :slight_smile:
K or C is the pin number: K=>32, C=>48
6 is Flash size => 32K