SparkFun OpenLog RX - Config settings

I’ve started with the SparkFun OpenLog.

It was flashing twice at the time to start with and after I’ve formatead the SD card has fixed it .

I see it has also created the CONFIG.TXT file with the default settings.

Following the instruction, I see the are different configurations to add on and/or change in Config file?, and in our case, we’d like to record the GPS data connected to the RX pin.

What is the change required within the Config to read this RX data and store it in the SD card?

Many thanks and apologies if I’ve missed it in the instructions


What an instruction? I can not found any page on related to this board.

BR, Jan

Hello Jan,

Apologies if I’m asking for help in the wrong group, as this was suggested by a colleague.

As requested, The data in the default files is as bellow

9600,26,3,0, 1, 1,0
baud, escape, esof, mode, verb, echo, ignoreRX

Many thanks :pray: