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STM32F746xG to STM32F746xE changes


I am looking to use the STM32F746VET6 for a production board, except I only see direct support for the 1MB flash chip (G), not the 512KB flash (E) chip. I can imagine it’s not a terribly difficult thing to do, but it seems a little more involved than just using a chip with a different pin count for example. What would I need to change to make it work?

I just compiled and programmed a bin meant for the STM32F746VG to the E variant I have built and it works correctly. However when I include a bootloader, the bootloader application runs successfully but the main application does not start, so I assume the flash needs to be redefined somehow so that it can compile correctly with the reduced flash size

In your custom_targets.json, you can try to set “device_name”: “STM32F746VETx”

You could also update this file for your need: