STM32L152 with a Ebyte E229000M22S won't connect to TTN

Hi, I’m currently using this SX1262 module from EBYTE and a STM32L152 board, I’m trying to connect it to TTN and using the mbed os example and have no success so far, but I can use the same setting with my SX126X shield. My current mbed_app.json look like this:


"config": {

    "lora-radio": {

        "help": "Which radio to use (options: SX126X, SX1272, SX1276) -- See config/ dir for example configs",

        "value": "SX126X"


    "main_stack_size":     { "value": 4096 },

    "lora-spi-mosi":       { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-spi-miso":       { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-spi-sclk":       { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-cs":             { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-reset":          { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-dio0":           { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-busy":           { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-dio1":           { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-dio2":           { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-dio3":           { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-dio4":           { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-dio5":           { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-rf-switch-ctl1": { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-rf-switch-ctl2": { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-txctl":          { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-rxctl":          { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-freq-sel":       { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-dev-sel":        { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-xtal-sel":       { "value": "NC" }, 

    "lora-ant-switch":     { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-pwr-amp-ctl":    { "value": "NC" },

    "lora-tcxo":           { "value": "NC" }


"target_overrides": {

    "*": {

        "platform.stdio-convert-newlines": true,

        "platform.stdio-baud-rate": 9600,

        "platform.default-serial-baud-rate": 9600,

        "lora.over-the-air-activation": true,

        "lora.duty-cycle-on": true,

        "lora.phy": "US915",

        "lora.device-eui": "{ ....}",

        "lora.application-eui": "{ ...... }",

        "lora.application-key": "{.....}",

        "target.components_add": ["SX126X"]


    "DISCO_L072CZ_LRWAN1": {

        "main_stack_size":      1024,

        "lora-radio":          "SX1276",

        "lora-spi-mosi":       "PA_7",

        "lora-spi-miso":       "PA_6",

        "lora-spi-sclk":       "PB_3",

        "lora-cs":             "PA_15",

        "lora-reset":          "PC_0",

        "lora-dio0":           "PB_4",

        "lora-dio1":           "PB_1",

        "lora-dio2":           "PB_0",

        "lora-dio3":           "PC_13",

        "lora-dio4":           "NC",

        "lora-dio5":           "NC",

        "lora-rf-switch-ctl1": "NC",

        "lora-rf-switch-ctl2": "NC",

        "lora-txctl":          "PC_2",

        "lora-rxctl":          "PA_1",

        "lora-ant-switch":     "NC",

        "lora-pwr-amp-ctl":    "PC_1",

        "lora-tcxo":           "PA_12",

        "target.components_add": ["SX1276"]



    "NUCLEO_L152RE": {

       "lora-spi-mosi":       "D11",

        "lora-spi-miso":       "D12",

        "lora-spi-sclk":       "D13",

        "lora-cs":             "D7",

        "lora-reset":          "A0",

        "lora-dio1":           "D5",

        "lora-busy":           "D3",

        "lora-freq-sel":       "A1",

        "lora-dev-sel":        "A2",

        "lora-xtal-sel":       "A3",

        "lora-ant-switch":     "D8"



"macros": ["MBEDTLS_USER_CONFIG_FILE=\"mbedtls_lora_config.h\""]


Edit: I actually forgot to put the error in here

Mbed LoRaWANStack initialized 

 CONFIRMED message retries : 3 

 Adaptive data  rate (ADR) - Enabled 

 Connection - In Progress ...

OTAA Failed - Check keys

And yes, I double, triple check DevEUI, AppEUI and AppKey .
On the side of the TTN it look like this

Receive join-request
Send join-request to cluster
Accept join-request
Join-request to cluster local
Successfully processed join-request
Receive join-accept message
Foward join-accept message
Foward join-accept message to Application
Schedule join-accept for trans...
Successfully  schedule join-accept ....

Then it repeat back to the first line.
Weird thing is, if I’m using Keil then it send message just fine.

Thank you for reading.