STM32WB55RG BLE-LED Change Led2 to another

I just started to use arm mbed today. I have compiled and downloaded BLE-LED application using online compiler and is working fine.

Im trying to change LED2 to PA10 which I tought it would be really easy to do but couldnt find the definition of LED2. Could you tell me where the definitions are another way to do it ?
Thank you

class LEDDemo : ble::Gap::EventHandler {

LEDDemo(BLE &ble, events::EventQueue &event_queue) :
_alive_led(LED1, 1),
_actuated_led(LED2, 0),
_adv_data_builder(_adv_buffer) { }


the LED2 is a mask of PB_0 which it is defined here and the _actuated_led is normal DigitalOut.
So you can replace the LED2 to PA_10, both are of same type.

BR, Jan

LED are defined here: