Sub-G environment, mesh network could not work, scan fail

I use “mbed-os-example-client” and keep scan no beacon.
and gateway bin is “gateway6LoWPANStatic.bin”

Here is my device
Mesh_6lowpan_ND: FRDM-K64F board + mbed 6LoWPAN shield (AT86RF212B)

I think my Gateway has already up, here is the bootstrap ready log
====== Gateway log ======
Eth bootstrap ready, IP=fd00:ff1:ce0b:a5e0:fec2:3dff:fe04:81e9
6Lowpan bootstrap ready, IP=fd00:ff1:ce0b:a5e0:0:ff:fe00:31e1
Destination Cache:
Routing table:
fe80::/64 if:0 src:‘Static’ id:0 lifetime:infinite
On-link (met 128)
fd00:ff1:ce0b:a5e0:0:ff:fe00:31e1/128 if:0 src:‘Loopback’ id:0 lifetime:infinite
On-link (met 128)
fd00:ff1:ce0b:a5e0:fec2:3dff:fe04:81e9/128 if:1 src:‘Loopback’ id:0 lifetime:infinite
On-link (met 128)
fe80::/64 if:1 src:‘Static’ id:0 lifetime:infinite
On-link (met 128)
fd00:ff1:ce0b:a5e0::/64 if:1 src:‘Static’ id:0 lifetime:1791
On-link (met 64)
RPL memory usage 336
RPL Domain 2000823c
RPL Instance 1
DODAG fd00:ff1:ce0b:a5e0:0:ff:fe00:31e1
G=0 MOP=1 Prf=7
fd00:ff1:ce0b:a5e0::/64 lifetime:infinite pref:-1
::/0 lifetime:infinite pref:0
fd00:ff1:ce0b:a5e0::/64 lifetime:infinite flags:–*
Version 240
Current version Rank=0080
DIO trickle Imin=6, Imax=20972, k=10
I=3072, now=2285, t=2263, c=0
Neighbour Cache 1
Reachable Time: 44577 Retrans Timer: 1000 MTU: 1500
Neighbour Cache 0
Reachable Time: 35539 Retrans Timer: 1000 MTU: 1280
======End Gateway log =======

And here is my Mesh_6lowpan_ND scan fail log
====== 6lowpan_ND log ======
[DBG ][m6LND]: Channel: 1
[DBG ][m6LND]: Channel page: 2
[DBG ][m6LND]: Channel mask: 2
[INFO][addr]: Address added to IF 0: fe80::fec2:3d00:4:ab0b
[DBG ][addr]: LL64 Register OK!
[INFO][m6LND]: Start 6LoWPAN ND Bootstrap
[DBG ][6Bo ]: Start Active Scan
[DBG ][mlme]: chan page 2, mask 2
[DBG ][mlme]: MAC: Start MLME scan
[DBG ][mlme]: Scan channel 1
[DBG ][mlme]: BEA REQ tx
[DBG ][mlme]: Scan Complete…Halt MAC
[DBG ][mlme]: Trig confirm
[DBG ][mlme]: Active Scan Result
[DBG ][6Bo ]: Mac scan confirm:No Beacons
[DBG ][mlme]: 00
[DBG ][mlme]: Free Response
[DBG ][6Bo ]: Network Bootsrap Start Fail
[DBG ][mleS]: Free Socket
[DBG ][m6LND]: app_parse_network_event() 3
[DBG ][m6LND]: Link Layer Scan Fail: No Beacons
=====End 6lowpan_ND log==========

and to the mbed_app.json, i have done the follow modified,

    "value": "MESH_LOWPAN_ND"

    "mbed-mesh-api.6lowpan-nd-channel-page": 2,
    "mbed-mesh-api.6lowpan-nd-channel": 1,
    "mbed-trace.enable": 1

Which is following the sub-G settings,

Do anyone know how could i let them connect in mesh?

Do you have a specific reason why you are using the static binary? In 95% of the cases you’d want dynamic.

/cc @hasvir01

@janjongboom I think same issue was also reported in Github. Probably some of the team mates of @geniuslou

The problem actually was with rf-shield not with the software. They had a faulty shield. That particular issue is marked as resolved.