Mbed-client-example-6lowpan - where to get the gateway router

Hi mbed

I’m new to mbed development.
I would like to try out mbed-client-example-6lowpan but I can’t figure how I can get the hardware for the gateway router. Does anybody know where I can buy it?


Hi Mattias,

The router can be found from http://firefly-iot.com/#slider.


Thanks a lot.

// Mattias

And what about the 6LoWPAN shield? Is that also from FireFly?

And are these the only mbed supported hardware available for 6LoWPAN communication right now?


Yes the 6lowpan shield is FireFly as well (http://firefly-iot.com/)

I don’t know if there’s more hardware that supports 6lowpan. But at least I think atmel-driver for 802.15.4 is the only driver avaible.

// Mattias

An update, we now also support the MCR20A - here is the driver - in addition to the Atmel AT86RF233 and AT86RF212B.