Supported LoRaWAN version in online compiler


I’m using the online keil/arm compiler with mbed-os 6.17.0 for a homebrew stm32 lora node. I’d like to be sure of the version of lora that mbed supports.
This : Introducing LoRaWAN 1.1 support | Mbed suggests LoRaWAN 1.1. and suggests the version can be controlled with a “lora.version”: 10," (or 0 or1) entry in mbed_app.json.

Adding this entry gives a compiler error : “Attempt to override undefined parameter ‘lora.version’ in ‘application[*]’”

What is the default LoRaWAN version in mbed-os 6.17.0 ?
How can i set a LoRaWAN version ?

Kind regards, Ivo


hard to say, the topic you linked write about Mbed OS 5.8, that is very old and it seems like only this branch has this settings. So I believe it was removed because it is running in 1.1 probably.

BR, Jan