Any timeline for when Lorawan 1-1 will be supported on mbedos-6.3?


As it is mentioned in the title, is there any timeline for when lorawan1.1 can be expected on the latest mbedos ver? …or asked differently is there someone working on this ?.
As fare I could see then the last update on “feature-lorawan-1-1” branch was back in april this year.

LoRaWAN 1.1 is basically retracted by the LoRa Alliance as the spec was impossible to implement.

I assume they’ll come with a 1.1.1 at some point, but the 1.0.x spec is also still being worked on (1.0.4 should be around the corner). Unless there’s some clarity around these new specs I wouldn’t expect any updates.

Regardless as far as I know all people who worked on LoRaWAN in Mbed OS have left Arm, so I doubt that there will ever be an update.

I thought it had some ambiguity but that was at least consistent with previous versions. I just noticed the proposed 1.1 errata is from early 2018. Seems a little inactive.

This is hardly a substitute for the built-in pre-certified stack, but you are welcome to try my experimental LoRaWAN implementation.

It has a subset of 1.1 features but will still talk to a 1.0.x server. It has an MBED wrapper and examples for bare-metal and rtos profiles.

It only ever gets used in EU_868 so who knows if the other regions work properly.

Thank you for the response. It is unfortunate that the work on 1.1 is halted. However I hope the work on 1.0.4 will be initiated by ARM at some point.

thx, i’ll take a look

is there any official statement on this?, was not able to find it at lora-alliance