SVC exit when activating Softdevice

Hi Folks,

I am currently developping a BLE application with long range capability on an Arduino nano 33 board based on Nordic 52840 architecture.
So I decided to use the ArduinoCore-nRF528x-mbedos project (version 1.1.1) to implement my application (which uses RTOS).
I am working with the Eclipse environment.
I have first flashed the softdevice (S140 sdk 15.0.0) onto my target so I have started my application at 0x27000 offset.
I compiled Nordic SDK 15.0.0 source file and integrate them into a new class to implement my own BLEinstance.
Here is a snapshot of my linker_script file :

and also the define.txt arduino mbed definitions I use :

Everything is fine until I am running into the “sd_softdevice_enable” initialisation function which makes a SVCALL to enable Softdevice (See snapshot below).

When getting into this svcall , I found out that it call mbedos file called irq_cm4f.s which has its own “SVC_Handler” implementation for RTOS and it makes upon that a SVC exit resulting a no softdevice initialisation.

If I perform a simple application without mbed-os using the same softdevice + sdk files it works since it uses the softdevice SVC_Handler .

My question is , how is it possible to redirect the call to SVC_Handler contained into Softdevice instead of the mbed-os one?

If I do not use the right method, how to generated mbedos application with softdevice and which library to use in order to instanciate softdevice and consequently a BLEinstance.

I have also tried mbed BLE_API but it seems to use the Cordio stack instead.
Moreover, it crashed when I perform ble initialisation procedure (see screenshot below):

I must miss something important to make it works.

Thank u in advance for your support.