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Target disappears in Mbed Studio 1.4.1

Just started using Mbed Studio 1.4.1. The target selection disappears many times needing a restarting the studio.

Hi John,

We haven’t seen this issue while testing this release. Would you mind answering few questions?

  • What platform are you on? Windows/macOS/Linux
  • Does it happen for a particular program or all of them?
  • What is the version of Mbed OS you are using in the program?

Arek - Studio team

Windows 10.
It happens for most, perhaps all. I shall critically check and report back to you.
I am using Mbed-OS 5.15.6

Attached is the screenshot. Compiled successfully and after some time the target disappeared.

Hi John,

Thank you. I see that you are using baremetal. We will double-check if there is any problem with it.

Arek - Studio team

Thank you Arek. Please let me know in case you need more information or trials.

I had the same problem.
I use K64F right now.
I was able to get target to show up after quitting mbed studio and starting again.
It might have something to do with computer going to sleep.
It would be nice to rescan for target without having to restart.

I’m having the same issue. Using v1.4.1 on win10 with NuMaker M453 and STM32f446RE.
It seems random, but happens more with the NuMaker board and usually right after compiling.

Hi @Apex_mbed , @dudmuck, @brianmarshall ,

We were able to reproduce this issue. There is a case in Mbed Studio 1.4.1 that targets are not loading correctly. We resolved this issue. It should be released in Mbed Studio 1.5.0.

Arek - Studio team

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Many thanks.

Hi @arekzaluski

Please could you let me know when this fix will be released. The taget becomes unavailable after every compile so I have to restart mbed studio constantly.


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