I have a board that already exists and will not be modified. It has a serial EEPROM on it and not flash.

Right now, there’s a small amount of used area for a small number of items for configuration.

I would like to use TDBStore on it as I like the idea of not writing my own storage layers. Additionally, I would like the ability to add, update, modify, etc. in the future without worrying about where it goes.

I know the KVStore in general would be good for this, but what about on an EEPROM? Would I be causing myself problems in some way or, assuming a big enough EEPROM, would I be able to use this?

I believe that this can work as long as you have a driver for your EEPROM that implements the Mbed BlockDevice API. Actually, I’m going to be setting up something similar soon, so huh, it looks like I may have to port the 24C512 EEPROM driver to support BlockDevice.

Would the I2CEEBlockDevice object not work? I’m assuming that your 24C512 is an I2C device, not a SPI one.

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Oh dang, I didn’t realize that existed. Thanks!

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