TrustZone on Microcontroller?

Do you plan to have TrustZone kind of hardware based Trusted environment on bed enabled micro controllers?

Hi @ramkumarkoppu, in mbed we support the ARM Cortex-M architecture, and that doesn’t currently implement TrustZone (which is only available on the Cortex-A profile). So, in short: No. That is why we provide the mbed OS uVisor – it enables software isolation of secure software components on currently available microcontrollers. For development with uVisor in the mbed OS beta release (Sept 2015), I’d recommend the FRDM-K64F development board.

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Based on the announcements made at ARM TechCon last week Trustzone for v8-M will provide you support for Trustzone-like capabilities for the next generation of ARM® Cortex®-M processors.

More information can be found at:

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Thank you for the information. Cheers!

ARM TrustZone is for ARMv8-M to ensure mobile-style security for microcontrollers, and provides a new family of security subsystems. We hope that TrustZone can build on these security foundations to enable a new era of trustworthy IOT devices.