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Mbed OS Information needed

(Nathan DESCOMBES) #1


I want to get general information about Mbed OS (RTOS) that I didn’t succeed to find.

  • Which SDK is used for Mbed OS ?

  • What is the annual patches frequency and annual releases frequency ? (I currently see an average of 3 releases per year, do you confirm ?)

  • Does Mbed OS got compliance to standards ?

  • Does Mbed OS is certified (Avionic, Automotive…) ? Which certification ?

  • Which cores (ARM Cortex A&M ) does Mbed OS support ?



(Ralph Fulchiero) #2

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your interest in Mbed. Here are some answers:

Let us know if you have any follow-up questions.

Ralph, Team Mbed

(Nathan DESCOMBES) #4

Thank you for your answers. I do have more questions.

  • What is the minimal footprint of Mbed OS ?
  • Does it use MMU and MPU ?
  • How does the scheduler work (round-robin, preemption etc) ?
  • Is there some data relating to reliability (context switch, interrupt latency etc) ? (Cortex M & A targeted)



(Nathan DESCOMBES) #5

If you could give me some information @RalphF it will be much appreciated.

Best regardes,


(Ralph Fulchiero) #6

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for pinging me directly - somehow I missed your response perhaps when I was out-of-office. Here are responses to your questions:

  1. The minimal footprint depends on the features that are needed. Mbed OS v5.12 will have a “bare metal” build option to facilitate reducing the footprint, and you will soon see some public collateral discussing this. A good article to read about customizing the build is here - where a build is brought down to 8KB of flash and less than 1KB of RAM:

  2. Starting with v5.11 Mbed does utilize the MPU for most targets. You can read about the capability here:

  3. Mbed is built on RTX v5 which utilizes a preemptive scheduler which is round-robin for threads with the same priority. You can read about RTX v5 on the Keil site:

  4. Is there some data relating to reliability (context switch, interrupt latency etc) ?
    We’re sorry but we don’t have this information.

Ralph, Team Mbed