Unable to download to NUCLEO-L432KC with MBED

Hello - Please can anyone point me in the right direction ?
When I plug it (NUCLEO-L432KC) into my PC’s USB, the RED LED at the USB connector is ON, The GREEN and RED LED’s at the other end of the board are also ON and when I press the reset the GREEN LED momentarily goes OFF.

I can see the board (NUCLEO-L432KC) in my Windows Explorer as a drive and under Device Manager.

When I copy a file to the board from the MBED on line IDE nothing happen. The RED USB light does not change or flash but remains ON RED. I have looked at the SWIO and SWCLK lines at the SWD connector on the NUCLEO and see absolutely no activity on those lines which tells me that something may be wrong with the SWLink on the board ?

I get no errors or absolutely nothing to go on, so any help will be appreciated.



Just try the STM32CUBEProgramer and you will see if the ST-link want to talk with it.

BR ,Jan

Thanks - tried STM32Cube but Cube does not see the board either. The board is seen by Windows as a drive.Capture1


Just for sure. Do you have ST-link driver installed? In the windows device manager must be visible “ST-Link Debug” under “USB devices”.
The 2MB disc drive are visible without the ST-link driver but for full features you need that driver.
So if you have not the driver already installed, do it and try it again. If you have it, try to change the USB cable.

BR, Jan

Hello, thanks, yes all installed and I can see the device in 3 different places , as a drive ,as a virtual port and as a USB device ?

Capture4 Capture5 Capture6

Hello Jan

OK after that little episode and because I downloaded STMCube - a window that was in the background was open and asking me to upgrade the STLink - which I did and THANK YOU - now it is working with MBED as it should do.