Updating multiple write Characteristics on a custom BLE Service

I have read the example on creating custom GATT services, which shows how to set up a read and write characteristic, and it creates update functions e.g. :

void updatePercentage(uint8_t percentageFill) {
    ble.gattServer().write(PercentageFill.getValueAttribute().getHandle(), valueBytes.getPointer(), valueBytes.getNumValueBytes());

So what would be the best way to manage having multiple characteristics, all of which would be updated at the same time.

I think I have 3 options:

  1. I could have loads of helper functions and call them one by one for each characteristic

  2. I could have one “update all function” which I pass all values to

  3. I could have a generic update characteristic function and pass the char ID and it’s new value to

Does anyone have an opinion about which approach is better suited to my needs, or if I have missed anything out?