Using a JTAG adaotpr on Mbed Studio

Just a quick question for my understanding. Can you use a a JTAG adaptor on an Mbed equipped board, or would you only use it in Kil Studio?




We recommend you use Keil Studio Cloud. You can use an on-board debugger or an external debug unit if your board provides a suitable debug connector or provisions for it. Note that we currently support the SWD protocol, not JTAG (but JTAG is on the roadmap). Most devices and debug units either support SWD and JTAG, or SWD only.
Check the requirements for on-board and external debug units here:
You will need to create a custom target in Keil Studio if you are using an external debug unit: Documentation – Arm Developer

Let us know if you have other questions.

Thank you.

The Keil Studio team.