When will mbed device connector service be available

I try the mbed-client example and following the steps which metioned in document of

section: Setting up the environment
To set up the environment, you need to do the following:
1.Go to mbed Device Connector website and log in with your mbed.org account.

but this site is not available,

so, my target board: FRDM-K64F , had got IP address from DHCP successfully, but got error: “Error occured”
I think this is catch by MbedClient::error(M2MInterface::Error /error/).
when will mbed device connector service be available?
Thank you.


Hi Stanly,

Instead of “https://connector.mbed.com/” use “https://connector.mbed.org/”.

Note :
FIle name : mbed-client-examples/source/main.cpp
Change : Update line no. 36 const String &MBED_SERVER_ADDRESS = “coap://api.connector.mbed.com”; --> const String &MBED_SERVER_ADDRESS = “coap://api.connector.mbed.org”;

Hope this will help you.


Meet Shah

Hi Meet,
Thank you for your advice.
I tried it, but it didn’t work.


Hi, Sorry My typo mistake it is “http://connector.mbed.org/

And you have to update line (#define MBED_DOMAIN “”) in mbed-client-examples/source/security.h

E.G. instead of #define MBED_DOMAIN “” — > #define MBED_DOMAIN “abc”,
If you have http://api.connector.mbed.org:80/abc/endpoints in API console at http://connector.mbed.org/#console.

I have tested this it is working fine. Please revert me if you have any doubt.

Hi Meet,
Now, it is working, I can see my FRDM-K64F is registered on Device Endpoint list.
Thank you very much.