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FRDM K64F Mbed cloud client example vers 1.3.3 Working Issue


(javed deshmukh) #1

I am using Mbed cloud client example vers 1.3.3 code from mbed OS webpages.
plz find details

Changelog for Mbed Cloud Client Reference Example

Release 1.3.3 (11.06.2018)

  • Updated to Mbed OS 5.8.5.

My issue is

I have 2 setups:

  1. FRDM K64F devboard
  2. IoT starter Kit (FRDM K64F)

Code is working fine with FRDM K64F, but the same code is giving error with IoT starter kit

Does the same mbed cloud client code will work for both setup?

Here is the error I received from the mbed cloud client code using the IoT starter kit:

[ERR ][fcc ]: cs_der_certs.c:175:cs_check_der_x509_format:pal_x509CertParse failed
[ERR ][fcc ]: key_config_manager.c:190:kcm_item_store:<=== Certificate validation failed

[DBG ][PAL ]: TLS set and parse status 0.
[DBG ][mClt]: M2MConnectionSecurityPimpl::init - out
[DBG ][mClt]: M2MConnectionHandlerPimpl::receive_handshake_handler()
[DBG ][mClt]: M2MConnectionSecurityPimpl::connect
[DBG ][mClt]: M2MConnectionSecurityPimpl::start_handshake
[ERR ][PAL ]: SSL handshake return code 0xfff4.
[DBG ][mClt]: M2MConnectionSecurityPimpl::start_handshake pal_handShake() error -16
[DBG ][mClt]: M2MConnectionSecurityPimpl::connect - handshake ret: -1
[ERR ][mClt]: M2MConnectionHandlerPimpl::receive_handshake_handler() - SSL_HANDSHAKE_ERROR
[ERR ][mClt]: M2MInterfaceImpl::socket_error: (6), retry (1), reconnecting (0), reconnection_state (0)
[DBG ][mClt]: M2MInterfaceImpl::internal_event : new state 0
[DBG ][mClt]: M2MInterfaceImpl::state_engine
[DBG ][mClt]: M2MInterfaceImpl::state_idle
[DBG ][mClt]: M2MNsdlInterface::stop_timers()
[INFO][mClt]: M2MInterfaceImpl::socket_error - reconnecting in 5(s)
[ERR ][mClt]: ConnectorClient::error() - error: 11
[ERR ][mClt]: ServiceClient::connector_error() error 11
[DBG ][mClt]: ServiceClient::registration_process_result(): status: 3
[DBG ][mClt]: ServiceClient::internal_event: state: 1 -> 4
[DBG ][mClt]: ServiceClient::state_engine
[ERR ][mClt]: ServiceClient::state_failure()
[INFO][mClt]: MbedCloudClient::complete status (-1)
[ERR ][mClt]: MbedCloudClient::error code (11)

Error occurred : MbedCloudClient::ConnectSecureConnectionFailed
Error code : 11

Error details : Client in reconnection mode SecureConnectionFailed


(birbhadra dhungana) #2

Do you have a sd card inserted to the k64f board?

(javed deshmukh) #3

yes, i have inserted memory card.

I am using latest developer certificate for both board, i have created separate certificate for separate board.

is there is any dependency of Size of SD card, means it should be atleast 8 GB or 16 GB ,

The working FRDM K64F board uses 16GB card , and working with both certificate.
(once cloud client code is running, 2 folder of just 30KB created on SD card, BACKUP and WoRKING)

IoT starter kit (FRDM K64F) using 1 GB SD card.
(once cloud client code is running, 2 folder of just 30KB created on SD card, BACKUP and WoRKING)
It got IP, and message connected to network.

but it is not connected to cloud, Got Error : MbedCloudClient::ConnectSecureConnectionFailed

Note: My SD card is actually 8 GB, but it is showing size as only 1 GB, i have formatted it, still it is always show size as 1 GB and it is blank.

is that can cause issue ??what are the another cause of error MbedCloudClient::ConnectSecureConnectionFailed

(birbhadra dhungana) #4

looks like your sd card is corrupted can u use another one. Also please make sure you are using the correct credentials files

(Jack Ng) #5

The issue was resolved by using a wifi hotspot from an Android phone. Previously we’ve use a wifi hotspot from an iPhone but still fails with ConnectSecureConnection error. Do you know if using a wifi hotspot from an iPhone for connection to the mbed cloud is a known issue?