When will x25519 support be released?

x25519 support was merged into mbed-crypto in August (https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-crypto/pull/140), what is the plan/timeline like for a release of mbedtls that includes this change?

As far as I can tell, there are 2.17 and 2.18 branches using the mbed-crypto through a submodule, but I am not sure if/when they are scheduled for release, and they unfortunately do not include this mbed-crypto change.

If someone could enlighten me about the release process, I would be very grateful.

Hi @amchamay
Thank you for your question.

As mentioned in this blog, at the moment only LTS branches are released officially, and the feature branch is targeting Mbed OS. However, you can use the feature branch releases unofficially, if they fit your needs.
Note that mbedtls-2.19.1 already have x25519 support in its crypto submodule.
Mbed TLS Support

Thank you @roneld01, that’s very helpful, we will use 2.19.1 for now.

I am slightly confused by the blog post, it sounds like the first official release to include x25519 would be in MbedTLS 3.x, since it’s a new feature and doesn’t qualify for release in a 2.x LTS. That’s announced for June 2019, but I don’t see a 3.0 release or release announcement?

Do you know what a ballpark estimate of when an official release of mbedtls including x25519 would look like?

Hi @amchamay
As I mentioned, we don’t have an official release based on our feature branch until 3.0 release is published, however we do have internal releases for Mbed OS.
3.0 release was planned for June 2019, but it was delayed. Unfortunately I don’t have an updated schedule for when it will be released.

Hi @roneld01,
Thank you for your answer, we look forward to the 3.0 release.