WIll mbed-os get back its previous pace of development?

Is there any news? any decision?

got any more news to share with us? 3 months is awhile.

Is there any news? We can not wait any more.

For the time being, until and unless Mbed gets back to a more active pace of development, I’m going to start work on alternate, community-supported CI infrastructure so that we have something to fall back to if the project is shut down completely. The first step is here: Updated Mbed CI Test Shield . The sooner we can get this board and its test cases working properly, the sooner we can set up our own device farm and CI for Mbed. So help out if you have a chance!

ARM has updated Mbed OS 5.15 recently in github. Will it come back soon?

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Correct, we released 5.15.x version and an update to Mbed 6 should also be released.

Hello. Is there any news? I am working on a project, developed with mbed os v5.15. We start developing the new version of our product and we are having a discussion whether to port everything to another development platform or not. I am quite reluctant to do this because the project is very complicated and mbed os makes everything easier for everybody with all its APIs and abstraction layers.

I was doing a --forced-- research to see whether we really have an alternative to mbed os and I am ended up here. Honestly I am a bit shocked to see this discussion. Version 6.15 is well documented. I was planning to upgrade the project to v6.15.1 and I am trying to convince the team about why mbed is the best fit for us. Now I am really worried about to start a project with a framework has already been abandoned. I was thinking mbed os will be widely preferred in the future due to its great features. It is very sad to see this discussion. So is there any news about the fate of the project?


the same feeling.

FWIW, I have been working on a fork of Mbed OS in order to keep maintaining it for the projects I’ve developed that use it. The first steps I took were to convert the build system to use STATIC libraries, and to add the ability to upload code to the Mbed using CMake only (though currently this is only supported on a few devices, I need help writing config files). It should act like a drop-in replacement of Mbed OS except that you can compile multiple executables and libraries in one project without having it build Mbed multiple times.

My next big project is setting up a CI environment using my test shield board to replace the ARM CI. I’m making progress on this but am still a few months away from having the tests passing (I can only really work on it on the weekends). Once I get that going, I hope to make a more formal release.

For the time being, if anyone wants to check it out or try it, the repo is here and the setup instructions are here. Let me know if you want to help out, I could definitely use some support!


Any news?


Being able to [quote=“MultipleMonomials, post:30, topic:15839”]
compile multiple executables and libraries in one project without having it build Mbed multiple times
[/quote] would be a major boon for me. Now my drive contains up to 30 copies of the compiled mbed OS files :frowning:

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Haha I just upgraded my SSD because of this :smiling_face_with_tear:

but Mbed Studio has the option for a common mbed-os dir?
And also CLI1/2 can be configured to use a common mbed-os dir, I’m still using it with VSCode and some tasks that call the build commands.

You’re right, you can reuse the mbed source files for different projects, although in my case most projects use a different mbed version and sometimes with patches, therefore it won’t bring much anyway.

I believe the issue @MultipleMonomials is trying to solve is that Mbed gets compiled multiple times in the same project, although the libraries/executables in the project share the same source and configuration, mainly due to the INTERFACE library approach used by mainline mbed.


Any news?