XDot Can't Debug through Studio


Hoping someone can help with an issue that is stopping me from being able to debug with mbed studio. I have an XDot and believe the error is to do with the libxdot library, but it is MBED/Studio that is throwing the fault. I can debug fine using the elf file create, but not through Studio.

For that familiar with the XDot, I get this issue even using the Dot-Examples. Interestingly everything works fine when using the AUTO_OTA_EXAMPLE but when I use the standard OTA_EXAMPLE is where things change. Just running the programme works fine, but if I try and debug Studio throws to the mbed_rtx_handlers as in the photo attached. I can’t seem to trace this error at all so I’m wondering if someone with more experience can do so. The happens no matter what versions of libx/mbed are used and across multiple devices. I’m going crazy trying to get to the bottom of it so really appreciate any help.

Please ask if you need any more details, I feel that wasn’t explained the best it could be.

Many thanks,